Who are we and what do we stand for?

The Foundation has been established at October 31st, 2000. Our articles of association  have been notarial registered , Future for Kids is also registered at the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce under number 34144510.

The board consists of:
Rob Akkermans - chairman
Igor de Koning - secretary
Michael Hendriks - treasurer
Our vision
Furthering and supporting care and education for deprived children all over the world.
Assisting in helpless situations (projects) who comply with our vision.
Our Foundation endeavors to fully transfer all material and financial receipts to the project. The expenses of the Foundation are for the account of the board.
Method of working
We have two procedures in place  how to select and start a project.
Future for Kids can trace and accept a project themselves. We will than appoint a focal point, who will coach and supervise the project. This can be either a local person or body, or a board member/ volunteer who will expand his /her network out of the Netherlands and than execute the project with possible local assistance.
It is also possible that a project will be reported by others and when accepted by the board, the reporter will be requested to execute the project under our name, wherein we will than have a supporting role.
Foundation policy- and financial matters will be presented to the board, who will have to give a pass on a majority approval first, prior to proceed with implementation.
Chiang Rai Thailand
Arusha Tanzania
Sihanoukville Cambodia