Sihanoukville, Cambodia

In the province Kampot, a beautiful but one of the poorest provinces of Cambodia, there were living two students of the Build Bright University located at Sihanoukville in Cambodia. These students, Samnang (23 years old) and Piseth (22 years old), arrived four years ago at the Don Bosco Hotelschool in Sihanoukville. Sihanoukville is a touristic town with nice beaches in the southwest of Cambodia. During their study at the hotelschool they met Christel Pieters. Christel was a volunteer sent via Future for Kids. Her mother, Ingrid van der Werff visited her daughter in 2009. Christel and Ingrid got the idea to sponsor two students for a study at the Build Bright University in Sihanoukville (Management and Economics). They raised some money and offered a scholarship to Samnang and Piseth. In three years time the students hope to get their Bachelor degree in Economics.

Rob Akkermans visited the two students in October 2011. Future for Kids would like to give two more scholarships to students who are willing to study at the Build Bright University. Especially for those who are not in a position to finance the study. Ingrid van de Werff will coordinate this together with Future for Kids. In September 2012 Future for Kids will start to offer two more students a scholarship.

In the near future Future for Kids would like to support more students in Cambodia with a scholarship. If you are interested to help a student, please contact us. We will guide you how to help one or more students for three years at the University. With social media you will be able to stay in contact with the students and follow them during their training.

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