Update Cambodja

In November 2018 Rob and Michael visited our project in Sihanoukville to check on the progress of our students. We also wanted to evaluate if we should continue with this project. We have had a few problems concerning the communication with the university and the selectproces of new students. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to solve these issues during the last year. We have decided to discontinue this project after the last student has graduated this year and look ahead for new possibilities. As you can read elsewhere, Rob and Michael visited our project in the North of Thailand last April. While being there, they spoke with the staff and we came up with a plan to offer the children there the possibility for further education. In the next few weeks we will investigate what we can do for them in concert with the school (MBO) in Maesai.



Internship in Northern Thailand

Our names are Dana Snijders and Annemijn Kouvelt. We are 2nd year students of the MBO Welzijn in the city of Amersfoort. To complete one of internships, we had the opportunity to go to Chiang Rai in Thailand. Future for Kids made this internship possible by contacting the center in Thailand and getting the approval of our school. We were very excited to start this intership. At first we needed some time to adjust ourselves, but now after a few weeks we feel very much at home.
At the moment we are organising a dancing/ singing show. We have taught a few girls an English song and the dance moves are next on the agenda. The girls are enjoying themselves and we are looking forward to the result.
The people here are very hospitable and will do everything to make us feel at home in a culture that we don't know. We have had a wonderful experience already and fortunately we still have a few weeks left.


Dana en Annemijn



Beautiful Flores

With the sponsoring of Future for Kids we were able to ugrade a playground of a small school in Ting. The soil, that changes into a big puddle of mud, needed some draining and levelling. And a fence needed to be placed. Also a few swings, climbing frames and a carrousel have been ordered.
It was wonderful to see that the system of the "cooking mums" is working very well. Now the children receive a warm meal three times a week at school.
Next on our agenda is to get a piece of land, which was bought in the kampong of Welong, ready for building. We would like to build a kindergarten. The first in this kampong, but the third in the region. First we have to locate a watersource. And the soil has to be levelled, because it used to be land to grow rice on. Still a lot of work to be done, but the reward is that this kindergarten will be situated in the middle of the kampong of Welong. Right there were we have started the food/ cooking program!

Tekening schoolgebouwtje    Janine op het aangekochte stukje land.

Every year I am very happy to see the progress and improvent! Thank you very much for your warm involvement.



College in Cambodia

We are pleased to announce that two new female students have started studying at the Build Bright University in Sihanoukville in October.
Their names are Neak Pisey (19 years old) and Sun Sreynich (also 19 years).
The first year consists of the Foundation Year, which is a preparation of the 3 year Bachelor education. Some of the first year subjects will be:

· Core English 1
· Computer for office Application
· The Art of living
· Man and Society
· Introduction to Economics

After succesfully completing the first year, the students will continue their studies in Bachelor of Business Administration.
Neak Pisey has graduated from highschool with very high grades. The Build Bright University has rewarded her with a discount on her tuition fee for the first year!
We will keep you informed about their progression.



We were very delighted when Mr. Hans Waeyen contacted us and informed us that Pearl Europe wanted to donate several percussion instruments. A donation of seven pallets with jembes, congas and other instruments. Because we did not have the storage space available, we contacted the Sawasdee foundation in Zeeland. They are able to store the pallets and to ship the instruments to projects in Cambodia. Many children will have the opportunity to make music!
Many thanks to Mr. Hans Waeyen and Pearl for this wonderful gift.


College in Cambodia

Upon arrival in the city of Sihanoukville, we received a warm welcome from three students of the Build Bright University. These were the joyful and proud faces of Pisset, Ye and Vichet. The fourth student, Samnang, had to study that evening and could not join us for dinner. Ye and Vichet have finished the first semester and moved on to the second semester of the first year. Samnang and Pisset have started the second semester of the third year and have only one year till graduation. They attend classes five mornings and/ or afternoons per week . And to earn some money, all four students have a job in a hotel.
We meet Samnang the next day. He is also a happy student and is very eager to graduate next year. That same day, we also have a meeting with
Mr. Sokheng of the Build Bright University. He informs us that the four young gentlemen are very motivated and are getting good grades. We have also started the selection process for two new students.
We are very positive about the students, our meeting with Mr. Sokheng and all we have seen at the University.
Our goal is to enroll two new students in the next college year.


A visit of Nothern Thailand


The shelter in Nothern Thailand looks organized and peaceful as always. The children are very happy with the new multi-purpose building. During the day all the children can enjoy their meals together and at night they can dance, sing and play. The kids have rehearsed for the celebration of Fr. Pensa's birthday. This celebration turned out to be a very entertaining evening. The staff, the children and the cook are very pleased with the building. The new kitchen in the multi-purpose building has enough space to prepare the meals and also enough space for three burners. The cook is very skilled and makes very good use of them.
There was also a problem with the pressure bulbs of the watersystem. With some spare parts and instructions of Solis and Kin pumps we were able to solve the problems. The watersystem is now working properly again.


College in Cambodia

Our two new students in Cambodia started their studies on the Build Bright University in Sihanoukville. Nov Vichet and Keo Ye have started their management course. It is a three year course.
The first test will take place in January. We are constantly informed by Nov Vichet through the mail and Facebook. In February, Future for Kids will visit the Build Bright University and we hope to meet these new students.
Future for Kids is pleased to help them thanks to your support. We hope to help more students. Keep an eye on the newsmail of March 2013.
The two other students (Piset and Samnang), supported by Ingrid van de Werff, will finish their 3 years course this schoolyear. Piset and Samnang are planning to get their bachelor degree.
On the picture from left to right: Keo Ye and Nov Vichet.


A visit to the catholic center in Ban Pong, Thailand

Last november, Rob and I visited Father Pensa in Thailand. During our visit all the children were in the house and it was a cozy bustle. Nowadays 190 children live in the center and the new building is used very well by them.
Not only to have their meals during the day, but also as a playground, place for homework or just as a place were they can come together and chat. The night before our departure they also prepared a performance with dance and songs, which also took place in the new building.
Besides constructing this new building, they also took down several old dilapidated buildings. Now there is a large open space between all the buildings, which creates a feeling of tranquility and happiness, even with 190 children around!
The younger children still go to the Thai public school next to the main road in the village. Earlier they had to cross this road, but since the construction of a gangway it has become much safer for them. The older children stay in the center during the day and get education by the present teachers.
It's good to see that the shop attracts customers more and more and a steady income is generated. Personally I am happy to see all the changes that happened in the last 15 years, and the things that didn't change....the enthousiasm of the children and adults! Children who started their education 15 years ago, are now taking care of the children that are presently starting their education!!


Beautiful Flores

Janine Asselbergs visited the island of Flores, Indonesia, in August and September. She has made an inventory of ongoing projects there. Also, on October 7th at our coffee morning Janine gave a fascinating presentation.
Current projects include, amongst others:
-A paud (kindergarten) in Poco. This consists of 35 children of 3-6 years.
-A paud in Ting. 46 children are enrolled.
-A nutrition project in Welong.
-Funding for education of orphans and / or very poor children.

In the coming months it will become more clear what role Future for Kids can play. The conditions on Flores are very primitive and unhygienic. It will take some time to go before we will be able to form a clear picture. But we must start somewhere. In northern Thailand, we started 15 years ago to offer help (even before the foundation was founded). This Centre has grown into a well organized Centre with a solid structure. We hope to use that experience to help to build the schools on Flores.
As mentioned earlier, the foundation's first contribution came with the purchase of a laptop for the leaders of pauds in Poco and in Ting
Janine has created a very interesting (travel) report and is available on request. Send us a short email and we will send this report to you free of charge.



Our coffee concert in the Jan Tabak Hotel


With great pleasure we look back on that very successful musical morning at the Jan Tabak Hotel. Lots of great responses reached us and there are spontaneous offers to assistance many of our projects. With many thanks to the fantastic musicians led by Arie Nijman and John Zielman. What a special atmosphere that morning! Over 75 people have visited the coffeeconcert. We like to thank everyone, who came to the Jan Tabak Hotel in Bussum. It was a morning to remember!

The board.



The date is October 7th. We believe that we have nice ingredients for an entertaining morning. Mr. Arie Nijman on the piano, an auction with a smile and a presentation of our foundation. And of course your children are also very welcome.
The doors will open at 10:30. The program will start at 11:00, music, presentation of our foundation and the mini auction, and lasts until 12:15. We kindly ask you to let us know, whether you will join us that morning.
And we hope you are also looking forward to this date!


JUNE 2012

Beautiful Flores



Several months ago we met Janine Asselbergs. Since 2009 Janine has been helping on the island of Flores. A beautiful island, belonging to the Timor archipelago, east of Komodo. Future for Kids and Janine have many things incommon. In the beginning of June we met each other and Janine has explained her activities. Janine and Future for kids will examine together in what way Future for Kids can make a positive contribution to the children on the island of Flores. Janine will travel to Flores again in August for about five weeks. After her trip we will meet again and will discuss the possibilities.We will give a donation to Janine for initial help.

Janine: "Due to personal circumstances I was able to get in contact with a mission in Poco (12 km north of Ruteng in West Flores) and I could make myself usefull. That was in 2009. I worked for two months with the Sisters Daughters of Wisdom, who are committed to women's emancipation, little kindergarten, food / cooking projects for mother and child. During my work there I saw a lot of  backlog in this area, Manggarrai, including education, health and hygiene. I suggested to the Sisters to expand operations. Initially I sponsored my own new ideas, assisted by family and a few friends.
In short, every year I went back to review the progress and to discuss projects with the coordinator of the small monastery there (four sisters and several postulants). Soon I realized that I had to do fundraising to maintain the projects and to create new initiatives. There is now a micro-credit where mostly women can borrow money to buy a pig (over 60! already) or a sewing machine. We have an infant / toddler classroom building (total costs about € 5,000) in a remote village, so the children don’t have to walk for a hour or more to the kindergarten at the monastery. We also have a fund for eleven orphans, for whom we pay secondary education and counseling.
Because of the high infant mortality (two children per month in the five surrounding villages) because of poor hygiene and poor nutrition, we started a awereness project about food. A project to improve hygiene is also scheduled. In August I will go to Flores for the fourth time. Everything is small and is slow (the Manggarrai is a very traditional area but that is slowly changing), but there is improvement and progress and the people are very grateful for what we do.

Flores, one of the beautiful islands of Indonesia, certainly does not receive a lot of governmental support. The work that these sisters do in distant Poco is impressive and deserves to be supported. Any contribution is welcome and certainly the slogan Future for Kids should be applicable for Flores."

MAY 2012

Studying in Cambodia

The first round took place and has been closed. Two students are sponsored by Future for Kids, thanks to your support. The classes are starting in September on the Build Bright University in Sihanoukville in Cambodia. Ingrid van der Werff has made contact with the two students  and their registration will take place in July. In the next newsmail we can inform you about the details. It is our intend that through our website, their study can be followed. But first we want to give the students the opportunity to start their studies in September.

APRIL 2012

Musical coffee morning at Jan Tabak Hotel.

As previously announced Future for Kids organizes a cozy coffee morning on Sunday, 7th of October. It will take place in Jan Tabak Hotel in the city of Bussum. With the help of Jan Tabak Hotel we are able to organize a great morning for you, a sponsor, friend and those who are interested in us. A few volunteers have offered to help. Like Arie Nijman, a musician, is going to play for us. Arie may use the pianoforte at Jan Tabak Hotel. Before the musical part starts, the board will inform you briefly about the activities of the foundation. From 10:30AM on you are very welcome at Jan Tabak hotel. Plenty of parkingplace at and around the hotel will be available. Come in large numbers, it promises to be a pleasant morning. More news and the program can be found on the website shortly. Early September you will receive an email about this. We are very excited, hopefully you too. To be continued.

MARCH 2012

A trip to the children in Ban Pong.

Multipurpose building new kitchen mutipurpose building

Last year sometime in October I had planned a trip together with Rob to the Children's Center in the North of Thailand. We cancelled this trip because of the flooding in Bangkok. Last February I travelled to Thailand together with my eleven year old son Casper. Just days before our flight Future for Kids was informed about problems with the waterpump system in the Center. We were able to arrange some spare parts and pick them up in Lelystad with special thanks to Solis, one of our sponsors.
The reception in the Center was very warm as always. The youngest children had gone to their families in the mountains for the holidays. Still about eighty children were present and waiting for their school grades. Casper was accepted in the group very quickly en was really enjoying himself. Some of the children that came to the Center about fifteen years ago are running things now, always under supervision of Fr. Pensa and Noy.
The next day we were able to solve the problem with the watersystem, with some help of Rob and Theo of Solis. And the water was running again!
Everybody was happy with the new multi purpose building, that had been finished last year. Now everybody can eat together in stead of in shifts. The new building is also used as a space for playing games and cultural dancing, especially during rainy season.
Unfortunately our stay was very short, but we will revisit them in the future. Casper has made a lot of friends in this short time. He has made a presentation for his classmates and they were very curious about school in Thailand. So to be continued....



We are proud to present our brandnew website. With the fantastic and professional help from CARD Solutions in the city of Zwolle we were able to create a new website. In particular we like to thank Martin Geijtenbeek en Sander Wessel from CARD Solutions!



Cambodian students

The new project to provide scholarships to Cambodian students started very well. The initiative started in December 2011. Ingrid van der Werff visited the Build Bright University and the Don Bosco Hotel School in Sihanoukville. This month the first registrations arrived. Meanwhile, five students presented themselves and started the selection round. The students have to meet various criteria: good knowledge of the English language, throughout the study period free of other (often family) obligations and  graduate of a proper highschool.

The selection will be completed in April. The first two students can make a start in September. Our sponsors have responded enthusiastically about this project. Possibly we will attract more sponsors to provide  more scholarships to more Cambodian students in the near future. Future for Kids will ensure a proper selection. To be continued.

JULY 2010


Herewith another update of St Gabriel Home in Mateves, Arusha. By regular contact via e-mail and telephone we are kept up to date about the situation of the project and we are very glad we can inform you that the project is doing well and still growing. The children who live at the home are doing fine. Derrick is living with his mother again and two new boys are living at the home now: Hans and Derrick, both around 1,5 years old. Now little Mariam is not the smallest anymore.

Two of the sisters (Anna Maria and Priscilla) are unfortunately transferred to another project. Four new sisters came to replace them: Elizabeth, Gemma, Ponssiana and Martha. The last two sisters are also teaching at the school.

The school expanded with two more classrooms and now has 99 pupils. All these children get a cup of uji (very nutritious porridge) during the break and a meal for lunch, this because many students not always get sufficient or healthy food at home. At the moment three volunteers (from Poland, Italy and Germany) are working at the project as teachers via Projects Abroad.

Despite the fact that it is going very well and the project becomes more and more professional, it can still use some financial aid. First because they want to build a fence surrounding the ground on which the school and the houses of the sisters, volunteers and children are standing; the reason for this is that in March this year people broke in the house during the night. The sister’s feel less safe since that moment. There is also money needed to enlarge the school with more classrooms (until there will be standing a complete primary school) and a canteen, where all the pupils can have lunch together. Your support again will be highly appreciated: asante sana!

More information can be found at the website of the children’s home:



We visited the Catholic Centre at Ban Pong, Chiang Rai province, Thailand. The extension to the shop has just been completed. A few ex-students now have the opportunity to work at the Centre to put their training into practice. They are developing, creating and selling new products. Extra space was needed for storage and to provide a lounge for customers to rest who have travelled a long way. The shop is doing quite well and, thanks to this idea, it even gives the mothers of the students some work to do at home in their villages. They embroider material for use in bags and purses etc. The products sold at the shop create a small income for the Centre and lets them help even more children.

At the time of our visit builders were starting work on a much-needed new kitchen and dining block. They were very quickly demolishing an old building and recycling some materials, in very hot weather. The new facilities will be ready next May when the new school year starts. The original kitchen and dining room had become far too small for the 200 plus children and staff at the centre and, really, needed replacing several years ago.
The school results are very good which enables all the students to find work. Future for Kids is delighted to lend their support for these new buildings.



During a nice conversation Hans Waeyen came up with the idea to donate instruments to a shelter. "Children and music always is a winning combination", he said. The shelter in Northern Thailand would be a good option according Hans. Mr. Sukit Triborirux of Sukit Musical Co.,Ltd in Thailand, a business relation of Hans, was more than willing to provide several instruments. The children love to make music and they have received the instruments with a lot joy and hapiness.
We would like to thank Hans and Sukit for their effort and kindness.

Chiang Rai Thailand
Arusha Tanzania
Sihanoukville Cambodia